Norris Green Community Alliance began it’s life as Norris Green Reference Group, a group of individuals who came together in 2006 because of a shared concern that Norris Green lacked community facilities and that even where activities where happening, very few people got involved.

John Moores Foundation ( funded a piece of research that would ask questions of the community and seek in time to tackle the issues. 406 tenants and residents were interviewed and from their answers the group were able to draw up a short list of recommended action. Since then the Norris Green Community Alliance has been working together to follow up and act – and we’ve had a number of successes.

  • Funding was successfully obtained late in 2006 to enable the group to employ a community development worker. Denise Turner was appointed in April 2007 and her role has been to work with NGCA to fulfil the other recommendations.
  • Recent funding has now enabled us to employ more local residents as office Administrators and Playscheme workers support.
  • In previous years the Alliance has been involved with high profile events such as Annual Awards Ceremonies, and Norris Green unites Carnivals. Due to Funding cuts these events have had to be down sized. We now plan to run family fun days where residents can come together as a community and enjoy free activities.
  • We have also been working hard to improve communication and delivery of information between agencies and tenants and residents – so that people know what is going on and how to get involved in activities in their area. This has resulted in Tenants groups applying for funding for activities in the area their cover.
  • We are also concerned about provision for those aged 5-13 and have been seeking to support activities for those of this age. The group has and will continue to support additional play activities such as play-schemes during the summer months in both Norris Green and Sparrow Hall.
  • We offer a range of community trips for both families and the intergenerational projects. All trips are subsidised in order to keep the cost affordable.
  • We have run all sorts of intergenerational activities, bringing together the older and the younger in Norris Green, helping to break down barriers and promoting a better understanding of each others needs.
  • And we’ve been working with organisations and agencies to help review the activities they offer and especially encourage them to increase ‘out of hours’ activities.

The Norris Green Community Alliance  is a charity and company in its own right. The board of trustees is made up of local residents and workers from the Norris Green area and our aim is to serve our community and fulfill the recommendations from the local survey. We plan to continue to work in the community, offering support to tenants and residents and their TRAS and other community groups. We’re also hoping to offer training to help local people get more involved in decision making in our neighbourhood. And we’re planning much more…. But to fulfil our hopes and plans, to dream of greater things, we need the people of Norris Green to get involve

We need more local people to get involved – are you interested? Might you like to get involved? Then why not give Denise a ring and arrange to have a chat, to find out more and see how you can make a real difference to our community life in NorrisGgreen.